How to use Mask Vitality

Open the cover, rending vacuum sealed package2

Pull and release two plugs


Put on the hood, close buckle snugly around neck to ensure full seal

Follow Exit plan and protocol for safe exit from the building quickly


Important notes

  1. This product can be used only once. It can’t be used for work protection, just for personal escape and self-life-preserving.
  2. Storage conditions: 00C-400C surroundings, no hot source nearby, no flammable, explosive and corrosive materials nearby, well ventilated, keep away from rain and moisture corrosion.
  3. This kind of respirator must be stored according to instructions, it cannot be take apart from the hood otherwise it may lose efficiency.
  4. This kind of respirator can‘t be used in an atmosphere with less than 17% oxygen.
  5. This kind of respirator is suitable for adults only to wear and escape in an emergency.
  6. If the seal has been broken, you must consider that this respirator has been used and can’t be used again.